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AEC-SpecializationSpecialized Focus  -  Architecture, Engineering & Construction

By specializing in one industry with a few Career Focuses, AEC Resources has a deep understanding of the unique needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms. We speak your language. 

Focusing exclusively on staffing for AEC means we have access to more candidates to fill your positions quickly. Many staffing agencies "focus" on all sorts of employment. AEC Resources focuses on one industry.

We've developed the most effective and results-oriented methodology for adding to AEC firms. With a refreshing approach tailored for the design industry, we have become a trusted workforce solutions provider for large and small firms alike.


Technical Assessments

Let's face it, in interviews people may embellish when asked about their technical proficiency. And while a 30-minute litmus test may be a good indicator, it does not tell the whole story. As the AEC industry rapidly adopts new technology and processes including building information modeling, digital prototyping, sustainable design, model-based design, and integrated project delivery, our standardized technical testing tools assess individual's knowledge across a wide range of topics and programs. 

Determining the technical prowess of candidates has long been a challenge for AEC firms. Not any more. We eliminate the guesswork.

Technical Training

Understanding how to leverage the latest technology is an absolute competitive advantage for AEC firms. The training we provide our candidates enables instant productivity. Your business is forced to reduce time-to-market while maintaining quality standards. AEC Resources understands this challenge and offers free training, before and during their assignment, to optimize productivity.

Now you can quickly onboard team members that have already been trained to your requirements.


Certification Programs

Get what you want- with candidate certification from AEC Resources. Strong technical skills are paramount to producing a quality deliverable that is on time and on budget. This is why we train and certify our candidates on current technology- at no cost to you or them. We evaluate each candidate's technical skill set against the job description to ensure you receive a highly qualified expert.

The productivity you will realize when our employees begin is immediate.


AEC Difference
Finally, a True Staffing Partner

We are a staffing business solutions partner for architecture, engineering and construction firms exclusively. We are focused on identifying and recruiting highly-skilled and difficult-to-find job candidates for direct-hire, temporary and contract positions.

With flexible staffing options, and unique services tailored for the AEC industry, you finally have a true staffing partner in AEC Resources.

The story of AEC Resources is written by our customers. Our customers decide managed services solutions we offer and what priorities we focus on. For us, customers shape AEC Resources, driving the change as we adapt and evolve our services for the needs of AEC professionals. 

We take the work off your desk.


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