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Contract Staffing

Fill short term needs with qualified employees through our contract staffing services. Ramp up for a new project, hit a looming deadline, or supplement your current team. Hiring individuals on a contract basis helps you adjust to spikes in workload, while allowing for easy adjustment of workforce in slow periods. Reduce employee-related costs and say goodbye to work fluctuation nightmares with contract staffing from AEC Resources.

Our flexible staffing services are designed to meet the needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms. AEC firms are subject to the cyclical ups and downs of our industry. We can help you manage the demands of your business by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce.


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Benefit from the services of a temporary staffing agency and have the option to hire the individual permanently. This is an effective strategy for testing a potential employee's fit.



Recruiting Services

Your perfect employee may already be hard at work- for somebody else. Leverage the recruiting services of AEC Resources and reach top talent that is difficult to identify and engage.




Hire people from your own network through AEC Resources. We assume the role of employer of record and handle all administrative tasks so you can focus on meeting deadlines and winning new business.


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What Makes AEC Resources Different?

Finally, you have a true staffing partner in AEC Resources.

  • Free technical training 
  • Industry specialization
  • Services tailored to architecture, engineering and construction companies


Valuable market trends, hiring advice, best practices, and useful suggestions for identifying, engaging, screening, and securing the AEC industry's top talent.

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AEC Resources has the industry expertise to ensure you have the right people for your architecture design, documentation, and management needs.

Building Engineering

We partner with mechanical, electrical and structural engineering firms to quickly secure high-quality candidates across all building disciplines.

Civil Engineering

Connect with the most sought after talent available in the civil engineering industry with the help of the AEC Resources sourcing and recruiting experts.


Hiring the right people in the office with the help of AEC Resources ensures increased efficiency and reduced RFIs on the job site.